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All of the mustangs here are tamed so that visitors can come and interact with their herd and see how loving these once wild horses can become. We have welcomed potential adopters, school and 4H groups, retirement homes, veterans, families from our local community, and those with disabilities to come and learn about mustangs while enjoying the therapy being around these animals provides. There is no charge for visits, but donations toward the herd are always welcomed. 

Visitors are welcome by appointment only. Sanctuary visits are free but donations are always welcome and tax-deductible. 


Our sanctuary herd is at various levels of training so we can host free taming demos to the public. The mustangs who are trained to ride compete in a variety of disciplines so that the public can see how versatile these horses are and consider them when looking for their next partner. We provide education on kinder training methods, since too often mustangs are trained by breaking their spirit and dominating them into submission. Spend a few minutes in our herd and you’ll see the relationship possible with these animals using a gentler approach. 

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