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Our founder, Chelsea, is a TIP (Trainer Incentive Program) trainer with the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Through this program you can get a mustang who is halter broke, leads, picks up all four feet, is able to be brushed all over, load on a trailer, and can be kept normal fencing vs the 6’ required for wild ones for just the $125 adoption fee. She also offers private training for other mustangs who need help adjusting to domestic life. 

We’re always happy to walk interested adopters through the different avenues of adoption, the paperwork, and adoption requirements. 


We have arranged transport for dozens of mustangs from out west to their adopters on the east coast. Less than 1% of gathered mustangs are ever listed on the Internet adoption, and aren’t visible to those who don’t live close to a facility. When possible, our founder will fly out to the facilities to photograph and catalogue the available mustangs and try to find adopters for them, then arrange cost-effective hauling options. 

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